Should You Use a Water Flosser?

When you think about oral hygiene, flossing is one of the top things that pop up in our heads. First-time users might have difficulty with traditional thread cleaning. That is why people are turning to water flossing for easier access and more effectiveness. 

Now, if you reside in the Southeast location of Los Angeles County and are contemplating the use of the floss gadget, you should consider speaking to a Dentist in Artesia, CA, have to say about the product.

What is a water flosser?

A water flosser is an electric tool with a significant flow of water. You can direct it in between your teeth and gum areas to remove stuck food particles. Regular use of this tool can limit plaque or bacteria buildup over time. 

Advantages of water flossing

Water flossing has several benefits. Here are some of the examples:-

  • Removes plaque
  • Way easier to use than traditional flossing
  • The water pressure massages your gum 

Overall, the tool reduces your mouth’s inflammation and increases circulation.

Disadvantages of water flossing

While water flossing has multiple advantages, unconventional cleaning potentially has drawbacks, too. Here’s what the research suggests:-

  • Excessive pressure on your gums might lead to damage 
  • It has difficulty cleaning the plaque from tight spaces

The overall consensus is that Water Flossers should be used only after consulting with a dentist. We recommend using them in a gentle setting, as they can irritate your gums and further develop gum diseases.

Water flossing vs Traditional flossing

There has been a long debate over what is better. Is it flossing with thread or flossing with water? The good news is that either method is good enough, as per the American Dental Association. Ultimately, it all comes down to what you prefer and use well – considering both methods have drawbacks:

  • Some people cut themselves during the duration of flossing
  • Whereas some people accidentally damage gums with too much water pressure

Therefore, choose the method that is truly convenient for you.

The Verdict: Only use water floss if you are responsible

Water flossing is convenient for those who have difficulty with traditional flossing. It would benefit you if you have sensitive gums and few tight spaces in your teeth. You must remember that, at times, the tool can cause you damage, especially if you do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions and end up setting the pressure at high/ aggressive. That would, unfortunately, cause you long-term issues, including gum diseases.

We recommend consulting your dentist before moving ahead with this procedure.