After school language programs – Advantages and Importance

English communication is an essential life skill in these modern times. Many multinational companies use English as their mode of correspondence and instruction. Most of the countries have English medium schools where the language of instruction is only English.

Keeping all of this in mind, it should be noted that your ward must be given the best assistance to learn the English language. The School curriculum has only a limited emphasis on the development of your child’s communicative English skills.

The focus should be given to the following four verticals of the English language:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Listening

Only when an effective combination of all the four verticals of communicative English is achieved can your child use the English language with confidence. This will require training from specialized programs like Write On Q writing programs that have a continuous and complete evaluation method of analyzing your child’s progress in each step.

It should be noted that reading comprehension is the primary language skill to be developed. Your ward should be taught in specific detail as to how to read, understand, analyze, visualize and later reproduce the concepts presented in a literary work. Both fiction and non-fiction should be encouraged.

While reading a fiction book, the creative writing skills of your child can be triggered. It is essential to make your ward understand the different styles of writing, various methods of presentation, the creative aptitude towards the subject, and all the other aspects of fiction writing.

Reading a non-fiction book can help enhance the reasoning ability, critical thinking, material analysis, and also the factual presentation of information used by the author. In this process too, the teacher should be able to patiently advise and guide the child through these concepts and ideas.

Only by reading and understanding a lot of different types of literary concepts will your child be able to write effectively. It is a hand-in-hand process and requires guided training and assistance coaching. This is why most parents prefer to engage their kids in after-school language development programs.

Along with developing the reading and writing skills of your child, it is important to enhance the public speaking skills and listening skills of your ward. This can greatly help in improving the overall aptitude in the English language skills of your kid.

In short, to develop and enhance the English language prowess of your child, it is necessary that you enroll them into an after-school language development program.