Introduction about BVMW Association

The BVMW is the German association for small and medium-sized businesses which is politically independent who works for the trade organizations that has inclination for the companies with political successes, through organizational management to set a networking contact between trade unions and various other organizations. There are approximately 3.3 million small and medium-sized businesses are present which act as a support and business impulse of the economy. If you have a membership of BVMW who runs in alliance of medium-sized businesses and in network for German SMEs, you can help them in reinforcing the condition of small and medium-sized businesses and empower them by giving them an authoritative status in the economy.

There is a German organization known as BVMW who always focus on the strengthening of small and medium-sized businesses who contest for an enhanced economic and political successes structure at local as well as national level. They create a roadmap for the small and medium-sized businesses to put their opinions an impact the government regulations and bills. The Small and medium-sized businesses are the network for German SMEs who add up to 99% of the businesses who pay sales tax in Germany. They provide 70% of the employment in the market and networking contacts roughly around 80% of the training for the occupation prospects. The middle class association provides advantages to create 75% patents to the new revolution in the business economy.

BVMW is the Germany’s biggest and functional business networking association has
around 300 branches nationally or internationally that make the informal networks with all the alliance of medium-sized businesses who has the membership of this association. They create roughly 900000 public contacts every year in every field of businesses like recruitment consultant network, digitization, heath industry, education, bureaucracy, legal industry, and innovation where small and medium businesses provide services and funding.

Advantages of BVMW:

The informal networking community who works with the alliance of medium-sized businesses strong, they help to improve the business impulse. The advantages of BVMW:

  • They provide your business impulse and new public networks contacts to increase the business impulse through public relations work.
  • They are there strengthening of Small and medium-sized businesses by giving them the digitization exposure of consultant network of contacts which support them by giving them international experience.
  • Development in the SME’s does not affect the middle class in any way. The international trading has improved the expansion prospects in a great way with digitization and by having a membership in this commission will help you in the growing economy.
  • For the political successes in the nation or local regions the alliance of medium sized businesses supports medium-sized companies in your business thoroughly to create business networks or contacts.
  • This association provide you useful information and informal networks regarding international experience and answers to any of the business queries or payment related concerns.

Board of members of BVMW:

The Board of directors of BVMW, The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses has the advisory board members are as mentioned below but at the top of the commissions with a president named Mario Ohoven who served the board from 1998 to 2020 and he died last year during a car accident who worked for the Network for German SMEs and the President of the CEA-PME (Confédération Européenne des Associations de Petites et Moyenne Enterprises) and European Association of Small and Medium-Sized businesses.

Some of the old president’s names in board of directors’s body are:

  • Hubertus Geissel (1982–1989)
  • Helmut Becker (1989–1998)

The other advisory board members of the boards are:

  • Markus Jerger
  • Andreas Jahn
  • Diana Scholl
  • Hans Jürgen Völz
  • Michael Pott
  • Michael Woltering
  • Michael Dammenhein

They have Liaison offices in Europe, and they are operational in 58 international countries, and they have their offices for the middle class support of contacts of Small and medium-sized businesses. There liaison offices work in association in the market upscaling especially in Africa, Asia and Europe. The other foreign offices work as a mediator for consultant network, digitization, skilled workers, networking, and service providers in the economy.

The BVMW helps the network for German SMEs and the middle class in every issue related to transactions, developing networks in the market, getting equal status in creating public networks. The association is backed by financers who work to contribute to commissions and specialist groups in the economy.

The job of the BVMW association is to work with scientific advisory board, under the chair of Henning Vöpel who is a director of the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI).