Expert strategies to improve your odds when playing online pokies

Online pokies provide entertaining and exhilarating gameplay, but the house advantage gives casinos an edge over the long run. While you completely overcome slots’ inherent mathematical disadvantage, there are ways to improve your overall chances and results through smart play. It may seem obvious, but carefully selecting slots with better return-to-player percentages greatly improves your odds. While most slots payout in the 90-95% range, some push RTPs up to 98-99%. Just 1% extra returns to you over 10,000 spins make a sizable difference. So always opt for certified loose slots.

Adjust bet sizes strategically

Bet size according to bankroll instead of playing max lines and bets every spin conserves funds and extends playtime. For example, starting low and then increasing bets after bonus rounds hit helps keep volatility low. Being able to place more bets equals more chances to win.

Avoid side bets and bonus buys

The enticing, real money pokies bet on progressive jackpots and purchasing bonus round triggers nearly always have terrible RTPs that undermine results. The lure of big one-off scores makes poor strategy. Consistently making mainline bets provides better long-run odds through steadier small wins.

Stop on big wins 

The players make the mistake of stopping play after landing a big win, believing their luck is over. But every spin is an independent event unaffected by past outcomes. Locking in your profits when ahead makes smart bankroll sense but from a pure odds angle, big wins do not influence future results.

Review game rules and features

The slot’s rules, payouts, and bonus features work to your advantage lets you optimize the play. Things like special expanding and sticky wilds, free spin frequencies, and unlockable prizes all affect overall RTP. The more you understand the slot, the better your results.

Claim generous casino bonuses

Bonus slot money from welcome offers, free spins packages, and casino promos lets you play more spins with less of your cash at risk. While terms apply, the extra playtime bonuses provided to meet wagering go a long way to increasing your number of chances to win.

 Slow down play

Rapid-fire auto play gambling may seem ideal, but taking a few extra seconds to consider each spin leads to better wagers. Thoughtful bets based on current game state and bankroll rather than impulsive quick clicks add up over hundreds of plays. Focused betting equals improved odds.

Quit while you’re ahead

Having the discipline to walk away while up protects any profits earned during a session. Far too many players lose their bankroll chasing a streak that more often than goes cold. Knowing when to cash out and later keeps money in your pocket rather than the casino’s.