IPL history’s funniest and most entertaining moments


IPL adventure has provide with many memories. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the craziest and most funny events in IPL history in this post.

The IPL is the most popular cricket competition in the world in addition to being among the biggest leagues. The league is more entertaining than just playing a typical game of cricket.

Ipl live upcoming highlights include soaring sixes, game-changing catches, edge-of-your-seat thrills, and last-over finishes. But it has more in mind for the people as well. Humor takes center stage when things become serious.

Since the 2008 debut of the first season, it has been a success.

Amazing finishes, dramatic finals, and significant hits have all occurred over the IPL’s 12 seasons. The carnival has also seen astounding fielding, amazing hundred, and more. IPL stakes are so high that there are barely any opportunities for players to engage in lighthearted banter.

IPL has, however, experienced a few hilarious incidents during its existence. On that point, let’s look at 5 of those humorous occurrences that made everyone smile. Read on!

Funny and hilarious moments in the history of IPL

1.    Ball Hunting

The match against RCB and KXIP in 2019 was delayed for a few moments following a tactical timeout because the ball went missing. Everyone was reminded of their youth playing street and gully cricket by the spectacle.

As he prepared to bowl the over, Ankit Rajpoot urged his colleagues to give the ball. The subsequent events left everybody speechless. Everybody, even his colleagues and the umpire, was as lost as he was. Following considerable debate, the 4th umpire sprinted onto the field and offered a fresh ball.

A playback on television several minutes later revealed that Shamshuddin the umpire had kept the ball in his pocket the entire time and had entirely forgotten about it. Despite the entire mayhem, it is a humorous memory to think back on. It’s comedy time, Pollard. Kieron Pollard is quite well recognized for having a lighthearted disposition. He has frequently made news for his comedic drama performances throughout the IPL.

2.    Inaudible game time from 2015

All of this transpired during a match against RCB & MI in the eighth IPL season. Kieron Pollard, the Mumbai Indians all-rounder, sought to get under Chris Gayle’s skin as Bangalore started their pursuit of the 210-run objective. The umpires cautioned Pollard and instructed him to keep a good distance as a precaution. Up until the next over, everything was as normal.

In response to the admonition, an irate Pollard taped his lips shut. He ripped back one edge of the tape whenever he spoke to any of his teammates. By doing this, Pollard expressed his unhappiness with the on-field umpires.

This was well received and taken lightly by the audience in Bangalore as well as the pundits. The fact that Pollard was constantly fixated on the enormous screen meant that the cameras picked this up quickly.

Harbhajan Singh added that the IPL brought out the West Indies lads’ finest flavors. When questioned about his odd behavior on the field, Pollard said that it was all for fun.

3.    Pollard got a kiss from above.

When Mumbai Indians met Sun Risers Hyderabad in 2013, this incident occurred. Warner was the batter facing Pollard when he bowled an over. They were both initially sharing a few words. Pollard approached Warner to talk after bowling a dot ball. Pollard attempted to sled Warner in response, and Warner flew a flying kiss to him. One of the most emotional reactions ever captured on a cricket pitch was Pollard’s.

4.    Chris Gayle followed Yuvraj for a shift.

Because of the rain, the IPL 2015 games against Bangalore and Delhi were cancelled. After the day, the audience’s disappointment had a small cause for celebration. Chris Gayle & Yuvraj Singh are great friends both on and off the field. It is not a secret that they have an oddball sense of humor.

All the players hurriedly moved toward the pavilion as the rain began to pour down to avoid getting soaked. Yuvraj, a Delhi player, gave Gayle a friendly nudge as they were heading home. Gayle reacted by pursuing Yuvraj with his bat. This conversation revived the crowd’s lost attraction among the generally dejected spectators.

5.    Spider Cam with Self-Goal

During the Hyderabad vs. Punjab game in the 2019 IPL, Chris Gayle was seen following the spider cam and making amusing faces. The crowd looked at this with interest. As if things couldn’t get any crazier, Gayle unintentionally scored a goal against the same opponent. Gayle began pursuing a ball that was headed towards the boundary when she was positioned as the short third man. His foot contacted the ball as he was going to bend, and it was over the line.

(The Universal Boss), being the regular person he is, has frequently been praised for his sense of humor.

IPL is therefore nothing less than full-fledged entertainment. IPL 2023 is just a few months away, which makes everyone eager to see what it has in mind for everyone.


The IPL has made a lasting effect on fans throughout its 12-year history, during which it has watched dramatic endings, gripping spells, and of course, massive sixes. This T20 competition has rather high stakes, so there aren’t many opportunities for lighthearted banter.

However, there have been a few instances on the field that have allowed everyone to enjoy the lighter aspects of highly contested IPL matches.

In a few days, the Indian Premier League will begin its twelfth season. The cricket league this year has been the most exciting ever. In the eleven years of the IPL, there have been tragic, dramatic, and humorous moments on the field.

There have been several belly-laugh-inducing incidents throughout cricket history that have made the sport more enjoyable. These hilarious moments are fun for both the players and the spectators, and the game has become much more competitive. Of course, having a little fun doesn’t hurt anyone. Everyone enjoys a good chuckle, after all. Here are a few of the Indian Premier League’s most comical moments that had spectators rolling around in their chairs.

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