New Entry at BBQs 2u – Blackstone Griddle 36” Air Fryer

A good griller can create a juicy environment, whereas a below-average barbecue grill can spoil the mood. No grill can match the collection of BBQs 2u. Their product catalogue speaks a lot about the owner’s passion for barbeque. All these years they were known for selling the best Kamado Joe, Napoleon, and Ooni pizza ovens and the Masterbuilt Gravity series. 

Recently, they have also added the Blackstone Griddles exquisite models on their retail site. The Blackstone Griddle was developed to make outdoor cooking for a large group or family easier. It originally had a 36-inch top, but the line has since expanded to include 17-inch, 22-inch, and 28-inch models, electrical table-top griddles, portable griddles, and air fryer bundles, among other items. The brand takes pride in its capacity to cook a variety of foods including burgers, hot dogs, and steaks for dinner and lunch as well as pancakes, eggs, and hashbrowns for breakfast.

This appliance requires little maintenance, and that is why BBQs 2u added it to its catalogue. They know that brits are fond of barbecue, but they also know that how people are looking for hassle-free and less messy options. Nothing is as good as Blackstone 36″ Griddle with Air Fryer. The new Blackstone air fryer griddle differs from typical air fryers in that it is designed for outdoor use.

A typical home appliance cannot be compared to the Blackstone Air Fryer Griddle. It’s an integrated system that allows to cook on a griddle and an air fryer at the same time. Customers can sear, bake, sauté, roast, and air fry everything. This one-of-a-kind griddle increases the satisfaction of even the best meals. Follow the link to check the product on BBQs 2u. 

About Blackstone 36-inch Griddle with Air Fryer

An air fryer is a convection oven that is both powerful and small. The cooking process is similar to that of a typical oven, except a fan circulates hot air around the food to cook properly. Most air fryers have an electrical heating element, but the Blackstone Griddle is heated by a steady supply of fuel. It has four independently controlled main preparation zones totalling 60,000 BTUs, plus an additional 13,000 BTUs of performance on the Air fryer burner.


  • Four individually regulated cooking areas.
  • Roast, bake, and fry using a dual-drawer gas-powered air fryer.
  • Drawers with automatic warming technique to keep the food warm and fresh while serving.
  • Rear grease management system.
  • Griddle top made of rolled steel.
  • Tube Burners in stainless steel.
  • Four wheels for easy portability. 
  • Cooktop surface area of 756 square inches.
  • A magnetic tool bar.
  • hooks on a side shelf for griddle tools.
  • A magnetic toolbar for convenience.

At BBQs 2u the Blackstone 36 inches grill with an air fryer is sold at an affordable price. The demand is so high that the retailer is taking advance orders for January 2023. Customers can also buy the same brand from other stores, but buying from BBQs2u means buying from a reliable store, UK’s leading barbeque retailer, with fast and efficient customer service and fast delivery.