Travel Backpacks: Attack Backpack For The Tours

Those who travel with a cargo bag always have an attack backpack. This is a small travel backpack for everyday use. While your backpack will stay at the hostel, you will only leave with the attack backpack, enough to fit the basics: camera, water, maps, cap, snacks, etc. Depending on it can even fit your blouse.

Travel Backpack For Flights And Even In Case Your Suitcase Is Lost

This attack backpack is also essential when traveling by plane. The backpack for backpacking, most of the time, needs to be checked. The attack backpack will stay with you, and it will be where you will put fragile objects such as electronics and even a change of clothes, in case your cargo bag is lost.

Speaking of loss, many people do not know that most travel insurance gives you compensation if your bag is lost. They also provide you with an early return in case of illness of the insured or someone in your family and various other coverages. Therefore, we always recommend traveling with travel insurance mainly because it is a small amount close to the total cost of the trip.

Cargo Backpack With Attack Backpack

Some cargo packs come with an attack pack, which can be attached to the larger pack. Usually, they are the most expensive models that come with this backpack. But you can use any small backpack as an attack.

Travel Backpack With Zipper

A fundamental issue that many people ignore is how the travel bag closes. Most cargo backpacks do not have any lock; they close with a string. The result is that anyone can open it, for example, in the hotel locker or shared room at the hostel.

Even after checking your travel bag at the airport or during a flight connection, they can move and even steal items. To prevent your cargo bag from being tampered with during the transfer at the airport, it is necessary to pack it with plastic at the airport, which increases the cost of your trip.

Backpack For A Backpack That Closes With A String

There are other backpacks, which are a minority, that close with a zipper. If you put a lock, no one will be able to open it. Of course, it’s possible to break the lock, but it’s harder to go through your things. For you to understand the difference between travel backpacks, see the photos above and below.