10 Newest & Hype Tourist Attractions in Wakatobi


Located in Southeast Sulawesi Province, Wakatobi has a lot of potential that can be developed, one of which is tourism. In addition to having natural wealth for purposes of human life, this area also has a very important need for the community; natural beauty and diverse tourism potential.

Wakatobi does have many appeals that can make tourists curious to visit it. For a traveler, this place is a paradise to find beautiful places. Interested in knowing about the beauty of Wakatobi? These are the answers for you:

  1. Cemara Beach

There is a unique proverb in this place, “if you want to go to the beach, just jump out of the kitchen.” This illustrates that this area does have a lot of beaches with amazing beauty. The beauty of Cemara Beach is as famous as other beaches in Indonesia.

Cemara Beach is one of the best spots for hunting sunset views. Located at the end of Wakatobi, this place has a beautiful view when the sun starts to set. The reddish-yellow color of the sun is also reflected in the clean and calm beach water, making anyone who sees it will be fascinated.

  1. Kontamale Cave

The Wakatobi area also has another attraction, which is the very aesthetic caves. One of the most famous caves among tourists is Goa Kontamale. Stalactites on the cave walls dominate the ecosystem in this cave.

This place is also known among tourists as Goa Telaga. The name seems to give as the cave does have water or a puddle of water on the cave’s lip. You can walk through this place and enjoy the typical atmosphere with many interesting things inside the cave.

  1. Tindoi Protected Forest

This tourist attraction is located in one of the areas in Wakatobi, precisely in Wangi-Wangi Island. The name is the Tindoi Protection Forest which is located at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. This tourist attraction is a preserved forest because it contains mystical values ​​and is sacred to local residents.

In addition to its mystical value, another thing that makes this place attractive is its abundant biological wealth. The biodiversity in this place is unique with the amazing Tropical Rain Forest, so it is perfect for adventurous people.

  1. Peak of Khayangan

Being on Tomia Island makes Khayangan Island very attractive to tourists. Not because of the location, but because of the spectacular scenery. As the name implies (Khayangan means heaven), this place has a very beautiful view with an expanse of a green meadow.

This Wakatobi tourist destination is famous for its beautiful sunsets as well. Besides enjoying beauty during the day, visitors are also allowed to spend the night or camp in this place. So, you can enjoy the beauty of the night with a view of the stars in the sky.

  1. Lake Sombano

Lake Sombano is located on the island of Kaledupa. The location itself is unique, which is right in the middle of the Mangrove Forest. But another beauty is the main attraction of this place. There are various tropical flora and crystal clear lake water. Tourists who come to visit are allowed to swim in this place.

  1. Moramo Falls

The Wakatobi area also has a well-known waterfall tourist attraction among the tourists. Sometimes it becomes an alternative for tourists when they want to find a vacation spot while in Wakatobi. Its name is Moramo Waterfall which is 100 meters in height.

What’s interesting about this place is there are unique levels of water flow. This makes the scenery here even more beautiful. Besides that, it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia because of the existence of natural pools based on beautiful granite stones.

  1. Anano Island Beach

Another interesting tourist attraction in Wakatobi is Anano Island Beach. This place has another name among tourists, namely Thousand Turtle Island, because this area is the location of the green turtle colony when laying eggs.

Besides enjoying the beautiful beach atmosphere, you can also see a very interesting sight, namely the process of laying turtle eggs.

  1. Hendaopa Natural Baths

One unique and beautiful natural bath is also located in this area, namely Hendaopa Natural Baths. This place is located in Wawatimo Village, precisely the peak of Mount Tomia.

Being at an altitude makes this tourist attraction have very fresh air, but what makes this place interesting is the unusual entrance hole and it seems as if there is nothing behind it.

  1. Kulati Village Tomia Island

In addition to having natural attractions and historical attractions, this area also has other attractions, namely cultural attractions. One of the places famous for its strong traditional atmosphere is Kulati Island, Tomia Island.

This is located on the island of Tomia and already very famous among tourists with incredible and aesthetic scenery. You can also get to know the life of the local people there.

  1. Liya Togo Fortress

The wealth of tourism owned by Wakatobi is not only about its natural beauty. There is also a tourist attraction with a high historical value, namely Liya Togo Fort. Even though it is old, this fort is still able to stand tall and strong now.

The main attraction of this place is the existence of the oldest mosque in Eastern Indonesia. In addition, the material used to construct this fort itself is coral rocks glued together by egg whites. Interesting, right?

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