All That You Need to Know About Power-Only Trucking or Transportation Services 

Power-only trucking is a term used by the service industry, where a truck would be used to transport your trailer (which might be leased or purchased) from one place to another. It is a simple method that can carry a huge capacity of trailers at a time. It is cost-effective and efficient too.

When we talk about Ship a Car Inc., they are too a power only shipping broker. Their services have both the truck and the driver. They have years of experience in it and have trucks, which can carry over-size equipment. First, let us discuss more about these power-only transport services.

Why do we need this service?

Power-only trucks are very important as they can work as a storage for many trucks while moving from point A to point B. This is because many times you would see some trucking company charging for a downtime, just a business of making money out on the road. In such situations, power-only trucking companies help address this issue.

Situations where we need this service includes:

  • Job sites, where office and equipment are stored
  • Moving heavy equipment
  • Exhibitions and promotions
  • Mobile operations centers and many more

In all these situations, a trailer would be very much important, but running a tractor in such a case is expensive and not feasible. The cost of the driver alone is too much, forget about hiring a full tractor. In such cases, a power-only trucking service is the only option left for you. For this, you will find many power-only haulers who would be happy to do this work for you.

How to use this service?

The power-only truck can be used for different types of trailers. This particular has an adjustable fifth wheel which can carry any trailers and adjust as per their size and dimensions. The best part of using this service is that you do have to wait for the trucks to move this vehicle. Your shipping company will select the vehicle as per the size and the weight load of your trailer.

What are the benefits of using this service?

The number of benefits includes:

  • It is very simple to move your trailer, whatever size or capacity it is off. You as a user would not have to worry about those third-party carriers. Everything will be taken care of by the shipping companies.
  • The best part about this is the new and innovative technology. Shippers will be able to get those real-time updates on their vehicles. They can track it by using the application provided by the shipping companies.
  • Trust is one important factor in these transportation services. The shippers can be tense free seeing that their carrier is transported safely. They don’t have to be dependent on third-party carriers for anything.
  • The shippers will get the high level of services that are required from their side. Many times, the customers are so happy with the services, they make sure that they work with the team of people they already know.

The best part of the power-only transportation services is that you as a shipper can have peace of mind. If you face any issues, everything will be sorted by the power-only team itself.