What Kind of a Diamond Jewelry Item Would Be the Perfect One?

There are hidden facts that keep making bad decisions when buying a diamond. Less than 10% of the diamonds available on the market are cut for optimum luminosity and the brilliance associated with it. Instead, most of all stones on offer are left with “dead weight” for unsuspecting buyers in order to maximize the jeweler’s profit margin. You can shop now the best jewelry options around you online.

First Step: Knowing the 4 Quality Features

It will guide you in a first step to the basic knowledge of four main characteristics if you start your search for a diamond with careful preparation. Three of these characteristics are given by nature and one of them is given by human hands. They are anchored in diamond science and consist of the diamond color, the diamond purity, the carat weight and finally, made by hand, the diamond cut.

The four elements are evaluated and classified by the most objective gemological laboratories possible. A specific combination of the quality characteristics determines the actual diamond value, which you can read in the chapter Buying the Diamond and Buying the Diamond and Mastering the 4C Characteristics. Diamond lore is the basis.

With the knowledge about this, you will on the one hand understand the further background to the actual diamond quality of a cut diamond and on the other hand you will finally understand the diamond value of a perfectly cut diamond. On the other hand, you will then be able to buy a diamond ring with no risk.

Basically, each of the four features with their respective technical properties make the appearance of a certain diamond look different and unique compared to all others. See the comparison analogous to a fingerprint.

You need to have more knowledge of these four quality characteristics than what the usual salesman in a jewelry store or the consultant in an online shop would tell you in the chat on the website. Take advantage of the benefits you have gained from the knowledge you have gained from it. It will save you a lot of money. More importantly, like many others, later frustration and painful disappointment will not exist for you.

Insights into the Four Quality Features That No One Will Ever Tell You About

From this overview you can quickly see that each of the four quality characteristics has a dramatic effect on the value and appearance of a diamond. You will also learn that this knowledge of a diamond is important in order to imagine how and where a set price range can best come into play.

Diamond Cut

A good diamond cut perfectly reflects and absorbs light. The better the cut, the greater will be the brilliance and sparkle. Do not confuse the diamond cut with the diamond cut shape.

Carat Weight

The carat weight of a diamond refers to the specific measurement of how heavy the diamond is. The carat weight is not an indication of the physical dimensions of the diamond.

Diamond Color

The diamond colors are given on a scale from D – Z, where D is completely colorless and Z is a clear yellow. The area between D and F is generally sought after.

Diamond Purity

The clarity of diamonds relates to the number and type of inclusions in a diamond. If it has fewer inclusions at 10x magnification, its value is higher.

Find Your Favorite Diamond Shape

Your partner will wear the ring from the day of your gift during their married life whether on special occasions or in everyday life. So whether in evening wear or in jeans for leisure time if you are unsure of your preferred shape of a diamond ring, it makes sense to choose a tried and tested and classic diamond shape. You can’t go wrong with classics because these are the most attractive ones. The round shape (the brilliant cut) has the largest market share worldwide, the oval and marquise cut have certain advantages when worn. Teardrop and heart shapes are more difficult if they are set into the ring setting as a solitaire.

Tips on the Different Diamond Shapes

The round brilliant cut is traditionally the most popular diamond shape due to its universal use. If it is processed by a first-class diamond cutter, it has excellent light properties. For some years now, the demand for more versatile diamond shapes (fancy cuts) has increased significantly. A mainly wealthier class of buyers enlivens this versatility.

Custom Rose Gold Rings - Durham Rose

The jewelry industry is responding to this with its range of both new and antique cut designs. If you are interested in diamonds with other diamond shapes, let yourself be inspired by the content and information on the following pages. Note that the selection process and criteria for each of the diamond shapes does not take place in the same way.

Inclusions in an emerald cut are easier to see with the naked eye than in comparison the inclusions of a brilliant cut diamond. This is due to the specific step cut, which defines the character of the emerald cut. Buying an emerald cut diamond with a higher degree of purity makes more sense.

What to Look Out For Before You Buy a Diamond Ring Without Risk

Take the time before you intend to purchase a high quality diamond ring. Knowing about the interrelationships that make up a perfect diamond is not easy to master with a quick look at a brochure and the diamond certificate. Keep this in mind if you want to buy a diamond ring with no risk.

In this country, the subject of high-quality diamonds and everything related to them is invariably in the unattractive mediocrity. What use is an appealing or even outstandingly beautiful jewelry design from a good, innovative jeweler if the associated diamonds are lifeless and dark under normal lighting conditions?  It is “unattractive” because owning and wearing a badly cut diamond is simply not fun, no matter how much carat it weighs.

In addition, by no means waste your good money on such a diamond of several thousand euros. It now makes up the by far more prevalent part of a good diamond ring. After all, it is unfortunately a fact that the diamonds offered in Germany are overpriced in relation to their quality.

You need to be aware about the important connections and understand the diamond quality in connection with the price differences. Of course, it would be best to see this difference in a direct comparison between a perfectly cut diamond and a mediocre to poor one.