What Is Involved in Traffic Management Plan and Who Needs It in Ontario?

Traffic management means regulating and guiding pedestrian and vehicle traffic around large event venues or construction site that impacts the use of road infrastructure. In Ontario, traffic management means managing the existing road infrastructure and its users for better reliability, efficiency, and safety. 

If your Jobsite is located close to the road then there is a need for a traffic management plan to keep everyone safe including the road workers, vehicles, and pedestrians. Capital Traffic safety specialists from CTMS can help to keep employers safe inside the site, when Utes and trucks are loading, unloading, and reversing. Dust makes it hard to identify the hazard. The professionals create an efficient traffic management plan, which helps to reduce stress and conflict risk because the road users can move safely without any delays around Ontario. 

Traffic management plan – What is involved?

The plan can include the desired vehicle movements and pedestrian flow. Even, the expected interaction frequency of pedestrians and vehicles will be included. What signs and barriers to use as a layout to guide and warn traffic past, around, and through the worksite. 

For example,

It can define –

  • The traffic management staff’s responsibilities.
  • The expected responsibilities from people who will interact with the workplace traffic.
  • The procedures or guidelines for regulating traffic including emergencies. 

Traffic management plan – Who will need it?

Businesses that work around traffic like near or on the road are exposed to significant safety & health risks. The traffic management plan has details that outline the associated risk management to people and vehicle traffic along with solutions. 

Councils also play a crucial role in traffic movement management. They work with roads & maritime services to handle traffic problems on its local and regional roads. So, there is a need to submit the TMP or traffic management plan to the council. The plan has to be based on RMS guidelines, timings, detailed traffic diversions, and the method to attain the activities. The TMP application has to satisfy the needs of the council, RMS, and police department in Ontario. Council permit is necessary to work near, on, or around roads including –

  • Blocking of closing driveway or footpath
  • Changing traffic conditions
  • Doing work that will impact council roads
  • Blocking or closing car parking

If your work is affecting the state-controlled roads then you need Federal Government permits. The TMP for approval from the federal government must include –

  • Work scope including timeline
  • The way traffic will get affected
  • The way traffic will be managed including necessary equipment & services

Take help from professionals in Ontario to prepare an effective traffic management plan that gets approved!